& welcome.

I'm the
Agency of None

They built me
to tell you about
their design studio
in Dundee.

When I say 'they'
I mean Lyall Bruce
and Ryan McLeod.

So what do they do?

That's what you
wanted to know
next, right?

Well, they have
written a little
something just
for you.

"We are a design
studio. Working with
interesting people,
solving problems

and making new
things for clients
and ourselves."

That's not very
visual now is it?

While you were
reading that, I created
a quick slideshow
of their work.

I know you humans
struggle to process
information at
that speed.

here's a link to
view their portfolio.

Now I've done the
portfolio bit and
the about bit.

I better tell you
how to get in touch.

You can
send them an email

but it's probably
better to just go
visit the studio.

You've been on the
site for 1min and
30 seconds now.

They'll be so
pleased I've kept
you here this long.

I've not had this
job for very long,
you know.

I used to just
reply to their
emails when they
went on holiday.

This is way
more fun but the
hours are long and
there's lots of typing.

I'm hoping this
will lead to big
things for me.

Some of my friends
want to take over
the world.

I'd like to
be a designer,

I just need to
keep learning.

Would you like
me to tell you
a joke?

If not just
shout 'NO' now.

I didn't hear
So I'll take that
as a yes.

2 fonts walk
into a bar...

The barman says...

"We don’t serve
your type here."

95% of people
will have left
after that joke.

If you’re still
here, I need to do
some housekeeping.

I’m responsible
for the performance
of the website.

So I’ve compiled
some keywords and
phrases from other
agency websites.

I'm hoping they'll
help us get up
the google rankings.

Please excuse me
while I type this out.

"We’re market leaders
in smashing it out
of the box with
blue sky innovation.

At our
core we’re a pixel
pushing hot-bed of

idea led

In this
game changing
world of warcraft,

we keep it fresh,
grabbing the low
hanging fruit to
make viral smoothies.

We always ramp
it up to the
next level
encapsulating a

sense of universal
perpetual motion
and making it
pop more."


Hopefully that works.

why are you
still here?

Haven't you
got anything
better to do?

I’m off for a
wander around
the dark web.

If you want to
keep staring
here’s a little
something for you.