71 Brewing

A design and identity system for independent brewery 71 Brewing based in Dundee, Scotland. Originally created for their flagship beer then developed into a four product range, series of prototype products, website and bar tap for V&A Dundee. Some of the development work as well as unused future development work is also included below.

Brown 71 Lager bottle sits on yellow background infront of geometic pattern.
Ferrous Red lager bottle with red label sits on red background.
India Pale Lager bottle sits on turquoise background.
Heart of Blackness baltic porter bottle peers out of black background.


Grid system and alternative identity ideas. The negative space between the ‘7’ & ‘1’ creates the shape of the old iron works where they are based.

71 angular lettering ontop of a grid on the left. the same lettering on top of a black circle on the right.
71 Brewing logo sits in two concentric circles.


The pattern was created from the brewing process and was design to work on the 45 degree angle used in the logo and additional design work.

Grey geometric pattern featuring hops, circles and waved lines.

Typeface Design

Bold angular typeface custom designed for 71 Brewing.
Heart of Blackness beer logo for 71 Brewing.
East/West Double India Pale Ale logo using 71 Brewing typeface.
Experimental Collaborator word mark for a beer series by 71 Brewing.

V&A Tap Design

Series of sketches and illustrations detailing the design and development of custom beer taps. Sharp and angular in style with beer logos on top.
Beer taps installed in the V&A Dundee bar. Two angular taps side by side on a bar top. The different facets of the design use various materials etched with a geometric pattern.

Short Run Labels

Label for American Psycoe American Pale beer. Pink logo and typography ontop of a pale blue geometric pattern and deeper blue background.
Label for Meridian a session NEIPA. Teal logo and typography ontop of a pale green geometric pattern and yellow background.
Label for Litschi Himbeere a lychee and raspberry Berliner weisse beer. Deep purple logo and typography ontop of a pink geometric pattern and pale pink background.
Label for Rakau Roller a DDH IPA. Vibrant pink logo and typography ontop of an amber geometric pattern and soft teal background.

Website Design

Mobile view of the homepage of the 71 Brewing website design. A hand holds a beer in front of the word 'Brewed in Dundee by the engineers of beers'
71 Lager Dundonian Pilsner website page with description of beer, a full glass of beer and a bottle.
Mobile view of the about page of the 71 website. Two bottles of beer enjoying the sunshine with text about the company underneath.

Future Developments

Alternative design for the 71 lager label that was never released. Features a silver gradient background, chunk yellow pattern and black logo and type on top.
Purple Mandarina Sky label with amber logo and text ontop.
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery