A collection of brand identity work we have designed presented to you in glorious black and white. Some are simple, some are more complicated but each was created for a specific reason and had a lot of love and thought put in.

Almighty Foods logo
Whitehall Dental Logo
Alitu the Podcast Maker logo
Healthy Body Healthy Mind logo
Dundee Design Festival 2016 logo
Spex Pistols logo
Land o'spex logo
Creative Chit Chat logo
71 Brewing Logo
Dundee Design Festival 2017 logo
Arbroath 2020 logo
Creative Dundee logo
Keiller Centre logo
Dundee Design Festival 2019 logo
Make Tank logo
North East of North logo
Nightcap Bar logo
Dundee Design Festival 2021 logo
Platinum Informatics logos
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery