Make Tank

Starting with a grid system and a range of shapes this identity comes together to make a custom typemark and logo mark that reflects the organisation’s people centred approach and bringing balance to its community. The logo has many variations to keep things interesting while retaining the core message and brand.

Grid system showing the outline of the M character.
M shape filled with two versions below becoming more abstract.


Exploration of letterforms using shapes and a grid.

Full grid system for the Make Tank logo mark with the filled version below.
Abstracted version of the Make Tank letter mark.

Colour Palette

Colour palette developed for the Make Tank brand.


Exploration of possible logomarks.

Grid outline and filled versions of logo mark concepts.
Yellow figure with grey Make Tank log mark
Circle target style grid.
Outlined circle.
Early version of Make Tank logo mark.
Early Make Tank logo version.

Finished Identity

Red figure with grey Make Tank logo mark.
Simple character in circle.
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery