Sandi Thom Revolution Anthem

A music video

Harnessing the power of protest.

Singer-songwriter Sandi Thom approached us to create the official music video for her controversial single: Revolution Anthem (Festival of the Oppressed) released March 2024.

The single is an rallying cry for those struggling under unjust systems. A call for change as tribal sounding drums and acoustic guitar combine with powerful lyrics.

Off with her head on a split white and black background.
Refused to be phony or fake.
The word unexpressed sits ontop of rows of 'our rights'.
Pixelated and distorted images of world leaders mashed together.

Visual approach

Bringing the lyrics to life.

Given the poignance of the lyrics, they had to be the main focal point of the video. We wanted to create a visual narrative to complement the song's powerful message, stir emotions in teh viewer and ignite a call to action.

During our creative process, we delved into the rich imagery of protests, drawing inspiration from the handmade aesthetic of placards and banners as well as the rawness of typographic expression. Our goal was to capture the essence of rebellion and empower viewers to take a stand and initiate change.

We've been slient. Large blac cross over silent.
Grid of icons of a small human figure.
'Revolution is here' is warped sitting on a red background.
'Power in our voice' has shards of light moving towards the centre of it.

The space

Depth & texture through projection mapping

In order to add texture, context and further impact we wanted to shoot the finished music video in a physical space. Projection mapping a kinetic typography piece to fill the room.

We sourced an empty shop unit within the Keiller Centre in Dundee and set about creating our blank canvas before bringing in the projection mapping equipment and film crew. We shot the setup room multiple times introducing an audio reactive element and to accommodate both landscape and portrait outputs of the video.

Small empty shop unit with painting supplies in it and projector casting into the space a test screen.
Blank white room.
Projected vertical black and white stripes on a blank white room.
A tripod is silhouetted with a white room lit up in the distance.
A man in a hoodie stands in a white room with the word conned projected in rows across the walls and floor.
Two men beside a tripod point into a room being projection mapped.
Man behind a tripod adjusts camera pointing into a red room.
The head and shoulders sihoutte of 2 people is cast into a red room.
The silhouettes of mutiple people are cast into a room full of red and white graphics.

Working in the space

The element of surprise.

Ahead of setting up the space we created the full kinetic typography piece which would not only fill the back wall but the entire space as the song progresses.

As the song builds to its climax the camera begins to pull back revealing the room set up and allowing the graphics to flow across the different surfaces of the room.

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