V&A Dundee Opening

To mark the launch event of V&A Dundee we designed and developed a graphic system inspired by the architectural process used in the building itself. The system was used throughout the festival in different forms from signage and way finding through to animation and light beacons.

Interlocking brick shapes inspired by the exterior of the V&A Dundee building.


Exploring the architecture of the building and how the light changes the appearance through type and shape.

Hello World distorted text.
Hello World graphic with angular lines overlaid.
Experimental shapes and lines on gradient backgrounds.
Experimental shapes and lines on gradient backgrounds.

Shapes, Pattern &
Promotion Animation

Grpahical treatment of angles and lines inspired by the V&A Dundee building.

of Wider
City Concept

Mockups using the visual language applied across the city promotional spaces. Sadly this concept was not used as part of the overall campaign.

Mockups of shapes and lines from the project on a poster stand.

Light Beacons

A man preparing electronics on a table.
Giant illumintaed shapes being carried down an alley.
A man preparing the mesh on a giant shape.
Giant illuminated shape in the crowd at a concert.
Giant illuminted shapes with fireworks in the background in fornt of V&A Dundee.
Giant illuminated shapes in front of the Caird Hall in Dundee.


Tote bag with project graphics.
T-shirt and tote bag with project graphics.

Motion Graphics
& Signage

Slessor gardens preparing for an event with graphics shown on a arge screen.
Branded bar area at Slessor Gardens in Dundee.
Four men standing under the arch of V&A Dundee holding giant illuminated shapes.
Project imagery
Project imagery
Project imagery