Episode Five

Episode Two

Episode Two


Digesting everything & what do we do next?

Show Notes

Show Notes

We're summing up everything we've learned throughout creating this podcast and trying to work out what we do next.

There have been so many interesting avenues to explore with all our guests it's been hard to condense them all into this series. Space is such a complex issue that hasn't been solved over many years with many people trying. This series was never going to solve the problem but we have come up with a few key learning and starting points.

We have to start with the creative community and bringing people together to define what we actually want for the future and how we do that together. In the same way that Baltic Creative and Midsteeple Quarter have done, we need to create a long term vision that people can get behind and a business plan that will attract investment.

Beyond that we need to define a structure which could take many different forms but we need to create a protective layer between creatives and property. This could be the ownership model, the CIC model or working in partnership with a landlord/local authority who are committed to the vision. What we've seen in the past and recently is that if you are at the mercy of the commercial property sector long term sustainability just won't work.

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