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Episode Zero

Episode Zero


No Space for Design

Show Notes

Show Notes

Dundee has a problem with space for design. In this second series of the No Opinion podcast series we're looking at how to create a model to address it. Although we will be focusing on Dundee we will be bringing in insights from across the the UK throughout the series. Lots of these insight will be relevant to cities across the UK and potentially further afield.

Back in November we wrote a blog for Creative Dundee called No Space for Design(ers) outlining the issues around space in the city. This six episode podcast series is a deeper dive into the subject where we will be bringing in many different voices and perspectives. From people involved in collective spaces that have started and failed in Dundee to locations where long term sustainable models have been put in place like Baltic Creative in Liverpool and Midsteeple Quarter in Dumfries.

We have previously been part of a co-working space and have seen the benefits it can bring its members but also what it can offer in a wider context to the city. From the conversations that happen around a lunch table to the ideas and projects that are generated, space plays a vital role in developing our creative community.

We need design and creativity to be taken seriously. Small scale create businesses and freelancers are often undervalued but they can play a vital role in growing our and working together to address some of the big environmental, infrastructural and social issues we face.

So, join us on a journey exploring how we can create a long term sustainable model to allow designers and creative to utilise space in our city.

No Space for Design(ers) Creative Dundee blog post https://creativedundee.com/2021/11/no-space-for-designers/

Gillian Easson - https://twitter.com/GillianEasson

Agency of None - https://twitter.com/agencyofnone

This podcast series is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.


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