Dundee Design Festival

The inaugural Dundee Design Festival was created within the former DC Thomson printworks, West Ward Works. In 2016 we started out as the designers for the identity of the brand new festival, working with producer Sion Parkinson to create an iconic pattern and work mark that would go on to evolve over several years.

Stack of yellow posters with blue typography lying on a table.
3 dimensional blocks representing the Dundee Design Festival 2017 logo lie on a concrete floor.
Yellow posters with blue type arranged in a grid with grey stack of postcards infront advertising Dundee Design Festival 2017.

In 2017, we were once again involved in developing the identity, web and print work for the festival. Sion's chosen theme was Factory Floor, leading to many collaborations between manufacturers and designers.

We produced an installation of the physical identity photographed every minute and uploaded to the festival homepage. Truly documenting the evolution of the festival's factory floor.

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Exterior of the Keiller Centre in the sunshine with freshly painted white exterior, luminous green shapes and black branding for the Dundee Design Festival 2019.
Two children ink up printing blocks.
Printing space filled with people participating.
3 men side by side in aprons inking up and printing with lettering blocks.

2019 marked our move to producers of the festival and a new venue in the heart of the city, the Keiller Centre. We transformed this underused 70s shopping centre into an on-demand festival. Everyone could come and get hands on with design to explore what it means to them.

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Woman admires her sweatshirt creation.
Shopfront in the sunshine called the Stobswellbeing Store.
Two volunteers help visitors create their design to apply it to a sweatshirt.
Scaffold structure houses children and 2 adults with the title Game Designer.

Producing a festival during a global pandemic proved our biggest challenge yet but allowed us to focus on collection of four smaller community based spaces. It showcased the benefits of taking design content beyond city centres to capture new audiences and to create memorable experiences.

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